Shen Min® Testimonials

Troy A - Before and After “Nice haircut,” “Like your hair, “Love your hair!” These are just some of the compliments I’ve been getting since using the Shen Min Rejuvenation System. I’ve had many haircuts, probably once a month, since joining my local softball team several months ago. But, not once has any team member commented on my hair until now. As a matter of fact, I haven’t heard any such comment in years! Those simple compliments have helped me regain my confidence. Now, I walk into a room with more confidence. I don’t worry about being in the sun. And, I’m a little bolder with styling my hair. Long live Shen Min!

Troy A.*
Long Beach, CA

RichS - Before and After
I’ve noticed less fall-out and definitely less “graying,” since I started using the Shen Min Rejuvenation System. I had a great feeling from the “inside out” too and I honestly believe the supplement combined with topical solution created a healthier head of hair. It’s affected my sense of self-confidence. I have already recommended the regimen to my friends.

Rich S.*
Los Angeles, CA

JoeL - Before and After
The process was very easy, so it didn’t take too much effort to give this a try. I loved that the Shen Min Rejuvenation System was all natural and after about a month my hair felt thicker and a couple of months in, I felt like I saw some growth. I feel the product is working!

Joe L.*
Valley Village, CA

FrankM - Before and After
After seeing my before and after pictures, I was surprised to see that my hair was thicker and fuller looking. Thanks Shen Min!

Frank M.*
Hollywood, CA

ToddT - Before and After
I was skeptical about the process of trying the products. I scheduled an appointment with a licensed dermatologist. He confirmed that all the Shen Min products were healthy and natural. The first month, I noticed less hair loss when rinsing my hair. I began noticing a good portion of new hair growth in the areas that were previously thinning. I feel great about my experience.

Todd T.*
North Hollywood, CA

RowlandW - Before and After
The Shen Min Rejuvenation System was very easy to use. It became part of my regular health regimen. During use of the product I did notice that I had less hair loss within the first six weeks.

Rowland W.*
Long Beach, CA

YvonneM - Before and After
I’ve had a great experience with Shen Min. My hair has improved considerably. It is thicker and fuller with an overall healthier look. There is a lot of new growth that has come in and it just feels thicker! My hair stylist noticed and commented about it and my family and friends as well. I’ve also noticed a lot less of it falling out.

Yvonne M.*
Encino, CA

RhodaP - Before and After
I’m so happy with my results from the Shen Min Rejuvenation System. Now my hair is luxurious and I’m not afraid of my scalp showing. Everyone tells me they are shocked when they hear I’m 60 years old!

Rhoda P.*
Studio City, CA

ClaireP - Before and After
I had been to the dermatologist and spent money on other hair growth products with no success. When I started using the Shen Min Rejuvenation System, people started complementing my hair again. I could tell it was growing more quickly. I immediately recommended Shen Min to people, because no one should have to suffer the loss of confidence or miss the joy that healthy hair brings to a person.

Claire P.*
Los Angeles, CA

LaniP - Before and After
My family tells me that my hair does look thicker and fuller. There are more baby hairs coming out. I feel less conscious about the wide gaps on my scalp, thanks Shen Min!

Lani P.*
Irvine, CA

RanaeS - Before and After
My hair has grown a tremendous amount. I no longer wear my extensions but people still think I have them in because of how much my hair has grown. My hair is so thick it’s literally breaking hair ties! Thanks Shen Min!

Ranae S.*
Burbank, CA

*Individual results will vary. Consideration provided.

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